Press note

The “Zanmi Timoun” Foundation is concerned about the future of children in Haiti

After the phenomenon of fuel scarcity that the country experienced during the end of 2022 and which to date has not yet been really resolved, today the Haitian population, in particular many families of all categories combined, are become homeless. Almost all areas of the metropolitan area and surrounding areas have become chaotic entities delivered into the hands of armed bandits. The “Zanmi Timoun” Foundation, an organization for the defense and promotion of children’s rights, is concerned by the tumultuous situation which continues to impact the lives of children in the country. Children from disadvantaged backgrounds are constantly victims of violence and atrocities.

After the forced displacement of families in Martissant, Canaan, Croix des Bouquets and many other regions of the country, it is the Solino district which is on the verge of falling under the control of armed men who are creating fear among the civilian population, several families accompanied by their children have been in dire straits for several days.

Several residents are chased with noise and violence. The conditions of the children are not good, they experience enormous difficulties. Families are forced to move to avoid the hell imposed by the confrontation between armed groups, which greatly traumatizes the children. Note that several media outlets in the capital are reporting deaths and missing people.

According to information collected by the “Zanmi Timoun” Foundation from children and families, they say they are tired of living in this situation. They can no longer go to school, they of all ages are forced to hide under their beds, others have gone to relatives or friends. And these are testimonies that come every time children find themselves faced with this type of problem. A situation similar to what happened in the Martissant district. Furthermore, in the Convention on the Rights of the Child, it is said that the State has the obligation to create a healthy environment for the well-being of the Child. At first glance, the children interviewed say they see no hope on the horizon.

What will be the destination of these children since the country is landlocked by armed men? What fate is reserved for these children since those from La Saline, Martissant and Bel Air are not always listed?

From now on, these all-powerful men are looking for new territory a few meters from the National Palace and some other state institutions, such as the Ministry of the Interior and several police stations are using their weapons, creating serious concerns. Visibly equipped with large caliber weapons, they harass and terrorize the population, these individuals have not the slightest concern about carrying out their threats. Powerlessness or lack of real will to alleviate the situation, the State authorities unfortunately turn a deaf ear despite the cries of these numerous victims. The “Zanmi Timoun” Foundation reiterates its commitment to working alongside deprived children and their family. She asks state authorities to create a favorable atmosphere for the full development of children in the country. Political and social elites are invited to work to create a climate of peace and serenity capable of promoting the development of Haiti for its sons and daughters. The democratic path and respect for the rights of the Child is the ideal condition for the progress and development of the country.

Done in Port-au-Prince, March 6, 2023

Joseph Richard FORTUNÉ
Communication manager
Tel: 509 3387 06 88 / 3187 73 63