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September 15, International Day of Democracy: the “Zanmi Timoun” Foundation advocates for institutional reform and the integration of young people

To celebrate the International Day of Democracy, the United Nations has chosen the date of September 15 since 2007, this date is linked to the adoption, in September 1997, of the Universal Declaration on Democracy. democracy. This declaration establishes the constitutive principles of a democracy and defines the characteristics and functions of a democratic government. The theme chosen for this year is: “Strengthening the means of action for the next generation. » This day is an opportunity to re-examine the state of democracy in the world. However, in Haiti, the establishment of a democratic state still encounters many difficulties linked to the violation of human rights. On this important date, the “Zanmi Timoun” Foundation takes the opportunity to emphasize the importance of institutional reform with a view to truly establishing democracy in Haiti.

Indeed, in the first article of the amended Haitian Constitution of 1987, it is written as follows: “Haiti is a Republic, indivisible, sovereign, independent, free, democratic and social. » That said, the Haitian population should enjoy all the principles that constitute the democratic model. Therefore, the guarantee of their inalienable and inalienable rights to life, liberty, security and the principle of holding honest and periodic elections by universal suffrage should be respected. Despite all the norms linked to the constitution in force, the situation in Haiti still remains chaotic from a democratic point of view.

The favorable environment for the protection and effective realization of human rights no longer exists in Haiti. The State hardly cares about the security issue of the population, especially children. In recent months, we could well observe the massive displacement of people of all age categories to flee the violence of armed gangs, especially in metropolitan areas. The state does not provide any relevant assistance to displaced people. However, if we take a look at Chapter III of the aforementioned Haitian constitution, we could read that it is our right to find the protection of state authorities, especially with regard to threats armed bands.

Furthermore, to better elucidate the question of democracy in the Haitian community, it is necessary to raise the question of sovereignty. This calls into question the capacity of the State to resolve problems linked to the needs of the population. Indeed, Haiti is in a somewhat fragile situation where it is reaching the end of its deadlines. The State is unable to deal with the various crises which cause the dysfunction of institutions. In addition, the absence of public power capable of truly controlling the territory leads to widespread insecurity which plagues the country. There is no health system capable of dealing with epidemics that decimate the population. There is also no adequate education system for the education of the population. All these aspects demonstrate the weakness of the State in all sectors in Haiti.

Finally, given the theme chosen for the celebration of the International Day of Democracy this year which is “strengthening the means of action for the next generation”, the “Zanmi Timoun” Foundation asks state authorities as a whole to mobilize all its strengths and opportunities to commit fully and concretely to the future of the youth and children of Haiti on the one hand, and to strengthen institutions in order to promote democracy on the other. Because the presence of young people in decision-making could have a profound impact on the future of the country.

Done in Port-au-Prince, September 15, 2023


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Program Manager
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