Our activities

Jen 2020-Jen 2022, sa fè de (2) zan depi Zanmi Timoun te pèmèt plis pase 5,000 timoun jwenn lajwa ankò.

June 2020-June 2022, it has been two (2) years since Zanmi Timoun allowed more than 5,000 children to find joy again, through the “return to joy” program through fun and recreational activities in the communes of Jean Rabel, Môle Saint Nicolas, Bombardopolis and Baie de Henne. So, more than thirty young people and nearly 300 child protection actors from the four municipalities are trained on the themes of child protection and the impacts of victims on the well-being of children and prevention. against the Covid 19 pandemic. In addition, around 2,500 people have been made aware of child protection.